So I decided to write in the journal… And Watch things come to life…

Let me acknowledge how much first, I miss those who arent alive right now… The list goes on about Jamie, Jakeyta, Victoria, Cuzin Twin Murph, Pastor Murph, Wife Murph.., Uncle R, Grannie P,B … Grands JW, Jo Mer, That stuff me out and make me not wanna visit.. Stress me out that everytime I swipe it be like Obituary…

I want to focus on the living and progressing.. It seems as if there is always a constant struggle to get value for things you want like, layering your life on top of my, and getting all your feelings/emotions… but only offering money when others want see your credit get fucked up, some other stupid entity offers money and its like someone has to exchange something other than services to receive the monetary goodness.

The only people left tell on what I need to with my fidelity… that shit get on my nerves.. Why theres this one company that give siatica pain for no reason.. locally..

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