25, January 2024

miserably mused….. rainy days of lies


what is love..


hate all of that …

share every swipe…every meal… every best friend conversations … with supervisor

hate all of that losing friendships…cuz the team dont sell…

hate all of that ..muse to fame..

hate all of that car crashes it…

hate all the licenses plates of supervisors initials that show up park near me in every city I go….

hate all the lack of discretion and privacy.

hate all the e money used in the city… right now… fuckin godded depressive..

hate all of the 7-10 personal calls an hour from area across the states …

hated waiting 45 days plus to get paid from december 1… only to find out delivery mail jus locally lies..b


niggas can’t have they own boo boo in privacy…

where is the real most high?

come to the office and feel you having a stroke ipn a meeting with me

rainy rain is like peace

you know…fuck the color gray some times…

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