8, January 2024

I didnt want post no more after the pain was intentional…

but as always life goes on… if you get to live..

im jus over here throwing away boxes from prime with AB on them.. how freeing….

now on to car-part.com for the lowest price … e…

FB sho’ll know how to make you sad about misplaced feelings..OBits announcements of people who look like the real fine as hell red head artist..

how I figure.. everynew bank added , area, get highlighted in Pan Am..

meanwhile… my bank started to threaten my friends in how they payout at the atm… where I go.. so… you know.. I paid one bill 3 months ahead… and the area had to be about home city because soon as I took the pmoney out … ptaylor passed away.

I changed how I was getting direct deposited and of course … there was another issue about vehicle.. cause to much focus on those to be real people ..

peace on today though .. tomorrow.

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