4, January. 2024.

how the fuck do we stop ass stupid Samsung from changing its energy balls everyday and exploit ing everyball…

how the fuck does usps not deliver the mail on time … must be ….that I’m not Caucasian enough to receive things I need on time.

I need the vehicle title so that can fuckin work .. not a family title( like mista, pa, momma, brother or sister)

niggas aint nnever a piece of mail.. somebody else’s whack vehicle…

niggas rewire niggas daily to tell on fuckin look a likes .

she bleeds outta her nose.. and we gotta listen to the rare ist mfs in the house.

we have a meeting in office and they start telling on who money in which store in the city… niggas mint get off

I do want fat ass white male voice out her house

wish he was a suckerland

mean how? expressing wwwhat the fuck is happening?

I walked in after work .. subciously rapping a kl verse… and then went into a full dance routine like I knew the whole choreography

expression what… theres a poem called suppression. of. expression…

suppression. of. expression… suppressed everything needed to express… in fear of ungodly.. creator… reality… but unjust not by policy but by morality. out of context daily… No lyon no more..

w2s and w4s information

don’t flake because I ate.. or spent dollars money..

aint no Gatorade on the ground in an Academy bag… niggas wish he was a nigga drag

must de khaos before going home…

look he doin them balls like pop bookings…

they start dressin like balls

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