2nd, January 2024

feels so much pressure to say something nice because it’s 2024. when all they did is talk shit all over the internal air… I don’t even want to take a new photo.

I highly dislike the stories that come from rock Hill…except for stories about fat booty Dominican women that had to count chicken pieces.. with blue phone covers that…put said phones in they back tight pant back pockets…

ain’t no other story in rock Hill about loc hair glory other than… me the phone back packing on her booty..

niccas like sweet potato fries and molasses… and laying heads on fat asses… guess we moving to hoecklan st..inserts all frustration of this photo… from an old ..u of m art departmentpic.. when we played with brass band of battle creek yrs ago.


where do Non Disclosure agreements exist…?how they exist… when they tell on the fuckin text message..

the meanest talk.. is that talk about someone elses actions over what yourself be presently doing…

niggas fussing at us, cuz yal cut yal hair off… I’m sorry yal like short hair perm look.

don’t ask me if I’m committed to nothing..

yal committed to permed tapers…

nawl this aint eat you out diamond club members..

niggas be fallin in love with the Peter pan haircut…

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