November 14, 2023

If only I had one high credit limit….

Smoking CBD don’t get me high as I would like the limit…

Paying for this with four different cards… Might be wiser than paying with cash….

I hope those friendships last…

Somebody always prove mentally they stuck someone elses payment.

supporting myself with my credit is all I got.

Supaman era dont even exist. They jus rescue exes in the middle of im trying to repair engines.

Drop me off in my career where they don’t talk bout his wife.

Went on a liking spree to stop the pain of someone feel like a heart attack

I guess my eagle only good for the team of 3 sales…. For one dollar.

dude get multiple sales and shows Ellen archangel male over the city everywhere I go with Peter family men fake.

I be patient cuz I saw how many sales godded bout backward c forward c always make a way for bald pale males.

Jus like males on on Aaron drummer page…

But wooo

Korean fried califlower is good

Im sorry I’m not really patient for hunger games…

Incapacitated like sleepy little nigga on his mommas bosum. So I been drinking energy drinks..

peterbilt with cranberry on nightmare

And all them voices do is talk about niggas mail

Sorry.. A little frustrated with stupid shit and superpowers that’s not used properly

Closer to Brands when im with you… Closer to Brands

Landed in the think stupidly world about the word about bell… They cant stop telling me petergriffin… Nope that’s dell beast

Welcometo hell beast… Kensington ketchupand power supplies

Yea I miss Marcus too… Anyways enjoy

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