November 4, 2023

Done went to homecoming and surround myself with my rookie sisters… All the wives with kids…

So once time goes back … And it gets dark at 6pm .. I got feelings of go home and ma0ke babies … For the next to months0


no need to ghost power me… I wanna talk to you..

….Come and talk to me
I really wanna meet you
Can I talk to you? (Mm)
I really wanna know you (I wanna know you)
Come and talk to me (oh)
I really wanna meet you
Can I talk to you? (Ooh yeah)
I really wanna know you
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh….

NiggaZ need houses to appease spouses that’s not got to please them emotionally… Houses for sale.. Get your real estate giveaway degree. Cybil dog honey died… Voguing..thoughts

Been trying to get ready to podcast to express .

I got another dopeness hoodie printed…. And they started giving away everything we was looking up to do away… Dopeness must be giveaway brand.

Was gonna get somemore Hustle is key hoodies printed…but ionno.

also.. I believe that maybe those who have replaced their profile photos with a sons faces.. May live in brick houses.

New niggaz on team always something inmen.alife tht strangers wanna act like.

Niece. Car. Love interest. Needs. Gay men.

End fatigue wearing era.

I be ready for them to quit and relocate as soon as the get hired trying to cover up my family and friends.. Honestly none of them should have moved here to become others about us.

all of us that’ have been mused /fakedshould update the y pag├Ęs.

Cm mc aint neva what helps make sales…

I like going mccormiks … Acting

M C equal not mariah

aAaron in NYC.

They lookin for weak rectum stories

Here in no Clouds North Carolina

Don’t need weak ass fables or zodiacs0… Niggas cant get over letters and numbers.

all bald women aint tupac…. And tupac dont make no one else sales but himself.

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