September 27, 2023

October is fastly approaching. Fall… Orange and brown colors… Like leaves…


Lay under fat ass body months are approaching quickly…

Jus patiently waitin for the feed to leave new Orleans …

Patiently waiting tho. so much to accomplish


did yal do a reset on his mind.

I lose trust for lying supervisors and starbucks mfs in city playing niggas at they house so they can’t have personal peace. Companies who hurt the fuck outta the eiple want so much fuckin resyltsfrom

You wanna tell on a niggas fuckin bodily functions for whack ass males…

hShare my personal again all we gone do is wait for everyone to deliver Amazon packages

my phone tells the city that one wants to buy what blue niggas sell

gNiggaz needed to delete niggas number or suck dicks foreal

How many fat ass males took that shit personally all over the country

the worst part about it all is its racist locally

Blonde African amerucans locally. Equal fake by Caucasian s blonde

Can’t visit raleighwith out sambo mind

All everybody tell is save a nigga with somebody else’s momma or momma baby

Leave your phone number with one of people who dont like you they use you well after you quit they company

Longevity being lied to that all my personal information go for white males

Who the Fuck gotcha back they paycheck pawns. While they got you feeling real niggas die

Angry energy like a riot… Gangs of women in their periods taking their pads off and throwing them on males faces

Ask themhow u suppose to enjoy your holy day

Dead uncle chuckie dead uncle Tommy dead uncle Peter..

how successful are you when they muse things you need just to say somebod5 else can get them

Oh you wanna show blonde lady since I typed it??… Save ya time trust God… He embed it in thought

How bout foreal it’s godded… Every time I listen to beyonce, white women blonde start walking outside…

It’s not to be offensive that I type that either…

I would rather not type this since every action has an echo or ripple effect..

But what really matters if every little thing I get or build get ruined by some other outside whack person who dont give a fuck about how I survive?

How easy stupid shit is with stupid people. To do someone else wrong. Finally delivered one mail piece of mail. And all the email accounts I owned didnt want me to access them til I got my mail. Meanwhile.. Nigga on the corner with peanut butter in his buggy getting told on my Instagram feed.

In Urine hell.

Every where I use the bathroom differ ent issue

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