September 18, 2023

Monday night lights

in the most sentimental meloncholy feelin today.

Spending cash and gift cards til payday. Spending pay day and throwin up a little in between. Bringing me back to privacy and shared sexual frustration decline between I and 5oh.

Feelin … Appreciation for those kept me alive like limbs and blood and body parts….during the dark months.. Black remind me of that.. So real.

In other thoughts.. Alot of people were walking around today.. So many so many views from multiple precpectives.

stressing to see. A little..

So i stressed relieved …

Red wine on an empty stomach… Chiante

Euphoric feelings lasted 20 mins… Which

Felt like being in love…. And imagining someone desiring for you to come home to a bubbly bath with rose petals and fizzy balls to indulge in relaxation and embrace of you matter to me In my life. Moment’s before bed time cuddles and affection.


This past Saturday was full of feeling and loud..

Rest easy to those of the past. LyricallyChanels Rozwoods…mentalsonfiyah.. Pain… Reminds me of how intense wasabi is… To where all the nerves in the head tingle but replace with 50% more pain and no relief… Arguments about beys red cap by women who wish they were her.. Complaints of such red cap…

So much conversations this weekend to current silent of now.

I will embrace the silent as much as I embrace the sounds…

Love in recipicol …

FortitudeInEmotion from A RED and black point of view

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