September 11, 2023

“”Time keeps slipping slipping slipping, into the future….”

In telecommunications, theyve been focusing on networks… Money talk in bout on tour directly CoolBS’n…plate network Dixney has been restored.. I am so glad after today credit card had been released from like 20 charges ….

On this day 40 years ago… Some one was born.. And they still look as young as we did in 9th grade…

Let my fuckin healing gummy bears be great .. CBD Seamoss

Why do they get to delete the domain outta my account to suffice lying. ass shit where stalker males from other cities call …like the 704 spose to stop what its doing to phocus on them ….

Tell me.. corporation… Hmm…

I don’t make alot of money on my day time gig.

I have summoned up all my god powers to make sure I put enough energy into mental communications to make sure I let know how genuine the experience is…


Niggaz always gotta be in competition with Jesus niggas …

NNiggaz fuck with snakes to get sales… Then whatever.

If they dyin to jus dye whats the point.

I dont want no repeats of niggas lose they energy balls.. You aint never gotta be a sandwich around me.

Say one of your businesses made $500… But its on its snail because they like to alter a niggas environment when on direct deposit.

Ever try putting peaches in ya muffins or eating peaches and then all sudden alogorythim talks about impeachment

How the fuck you keep musing someone else’s personal situation and get mad when they say something about it

  • That company aint your competition to compete with

I need like $30,000 dollars credit or cash up front… ((( but they treating like credit report issue if you buy from club food store ))

I’m tired of the eating out agenda food s/ restaurant.

I wanna fast… And not wanna eat as much but they stress hungry out

Niggas be like throw some talmah on it so we can do what we want

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