September 2, 2023

are yal women today?

Email… That look all lime talk…

I jus got pulled over … Because I wish yal stop trying to be a roy..

While they others helped me on the highway …

I jus needed to drive slow til I got stupid tire shop.

You wanna ask about camelback. But when ask Anton plates in the back they Acrlt stupid to the whole driving experience…

i need $1000 to replace all tires.

I need italy west to look the other way… Barefoot

Interuppted dreams with conversations on my thoughts… Almost relieved.

Chloe will be in town next week.

I Oathed yesterday.

Need stress relief from them talking about fat ass facesl in app to the area ..

I am fucking hungry. And jus wanted to try the nice restaurant out

excuse me mister officer could you explain to me what race/ethnicity is N? Because that’s what you put and your complexion is the same as mine.

Niccas got ethnicity Nipsey…

soon as I posted this mmorning I almost had a heart attack

If I get pulled over again… Imma jus rroll the window down and pass out

ok lets try this again

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