August 15, 2023

Your Mind. Powerful.

Pause on the Creaturish.

Toy dogs and little hand held dawgs get all the snuggle love.

Dissatisfied.. with package delivery sorting codes for multiple zip codes in the qc. For multiple companies.

Uncle… CD passed away when someone cd went Auruba… So I havent found the need to communicate since.

Context…. When getting on nerves is a feeling foreal it feels like sciatica pain in the lower back by tail bones.

DW a fine thick lookslike…. Makes me want to paint murals …

They keep talkin bout Tory and he keep sending evals and boringing my night with we wish Tory get outta jail.

I have the strangist feeling that someone riding round michigan(the glove) on dix rd and cicotte near a Marathon gas station..

Let someone sit in my car the other week to check my mileage and the person… And dis nicca tyrese started talking…

I’m done for the night

Vibrationally ….

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