August 4, 2023

I’m not sure if that is relevant… But why??

How is it fair to use the email for another account without my consent? Instead of the school email address ?

Carer food face…

Several years ago… I used my school email address for a casting call… That community college done used everything it wasnt to playonusnegus.

Always wishin they controlled black dots

Ole ruining ass local college … Whoo tells on other accounts… Pardon me while I vent… Cuz… It was that best season… Of tales… Where eagles and harts talk …

Where casting calls day rearrange life jus do something stupid real time.

Sometimes its like they wanna devalue the account so they go back to racist shit. Yal done came along way since talkin about niggas is roaches on movie set…

Imma grabb like 3 pre rolls… And smoke the rest of the weekend…. And drink some tea and go for a run.

I was doing budgeting calculations… In one week ive filled up 3 times. 60 dollars each. Times that by 4…. I need more money.

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