July 20, 2023

sooooo ready for Juw-Lion 7th month of juliancalendar to be over…

soooo fine blow my mind oooooo

I dont drink green Mountain… But I know who dooo

I’m infatuated with books and the knowledge they give when I get housed with the knowledge of the bookstore.

my favorite money in detroit like the place where the Eiffel tower is..

one of my side bucks is a barista

Still driving down the block freestylin ..

One of the most interesting dreams was the digital efx from the concert. … Non-inebriated

As an artist and musician …. Lyrics in Songs can be said over and over til their taken outta context…

For example this clip of bag lady….. On my phone

“betcha Love can make IT better”

Need someone to love you right??…

MoneyBag Lady

Aight goodnight

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