June 17, 2023

We having a strong black summer…

Daddy sent me a flyer to his 70’s party that his faceless black 70’s cutout … And its been shining ever since.

when Jamilia took over facebook my Facebook messages with everybody else… Strong black summer

Went and saw the Blackening First Night…. The experience was the most family and friends relatable movie experience… I gotta go see it again to focus on some other stuff… Lol

we workin out all summer. Cuz they keep giving me uncle Tommie pre heart attack feels

If jus going for a walk is all you can do everyDay… Jus do it

Also… This is the funniest house in charlotte..

also… Laylay products are in stores

hope everyone gets to go to abff one year

Well.. In one of my careers… I’m an actor

Post birTh dAy was like Amorphous.. The light

Chinky Eyed bald men nightmares

woke up to seagulls sounding like eva saying “Cahmen……, Cahmen…., Cahmen……, that part was fun.

On harp any note… “She likes girls… Cause girls are fun…”

I’m almost ready to buy an iphone so I can post daily content and a new movie at the palm of my hands..

In my life… Having to walk unisex inside of a costume is hard..

Next movie script…somethingabout sharing family with ex’s or the other way around..sharing ex’s with family… So said my gas tank

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