March 2, 2023

HelloMahnicca Aaron… Lol

hey pay LilRichard and nip like momma … Foreal.. Though…yal sent me to elijay when them eagles won the Superbowl foreal after step high water ..

But seriously.. Carmen can get all the money… Who ? Carmen Carmen Carmen Carmen Hibbler hibbler Carmen Carmen Carmen Carmen Hibbler hibbler hibblahmanibblah ……. Hibbler hibbler hibbler Hibbler hibbler hibbler Hibbler hibbler hibbler Hibbler hibbler hibbler I wanna talk about him but I gotta focus on them stop lying & deposit money…. I wanna feel like… “Carmen got fuckin money! Get her everything…… “

Highway soundin like a lie… Talkin bout a Roy… A Roy a lie on my credit report… Actively take that off..

This ain’t no waLlyy dog kibble black dog orange rainbow cat..

If I woulda had honest talkers when those people took my backpack in Vegas… I would a stayed workin with best muthafuckas.. And all the youtubers woulda came to charlotte longer…

I wish google had a real password recovery… But them google color controlled environments done ruined lives.. When yal governed …

I dont know how that yellow Jay on black truck supposed to help anybody out…

My whole acting career was black. We act black.. I was in black.. A real nigga j was in black

My nigga was black foreal his own stories… Fuck help me get my deposit and stop yearnin for little girls attention with them food club stories.

Good night. I’m over here wondering why they wanna bring niggas who was starving artists into truck driver story… Cuz they dont mix!!!

now shut up now!!! Before we become the phonez stare at everyone’s privacy!!!!!

And by they way… Sorry… Temporary Plates of South Carolina dont tell my acting career.

Last local big project I remember… The eyes of Tami

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