February 19, 2023

My nigga gone cuz u
orange im red..i don’t keep change in the car no more… Fuck texas coins. fuckthem coins that tell on maya Angelo she live in nc….. They only think mahersala a
dishwasher… My computer been cleen

FFuck them stories you cant contRol what you think…

Hooters… Last time where I was at before disney … Stans last stand…

Fuck them police tower conversations everytime we drive by them stands.


He’ll neva be white…

Realest bald mf-a married to an asian…


I’m sorry… I’ll always hope the best of life for your real life… Even if you was my ex..

Honesty with me… 

How else would we build a life together… Communication the Foundation… I’ll always believe the words coming out of your mouth face to face over the texts in digital space..Who else would I wanna bounce my ideas off. But someone who wants to grow and thrive. Uncapped… Commission… I’m single… We all gay… Your wife my nigga and im your A. 

I don’t wanna hear no fake voices.. I can jus get rid of my credit cards since they all the fat white guy. Blonde baby dicks on sale in kroger.


Fuck ya red heart tattoo if it always give you that Caucasian ass man

I moved to arizona cuz they couldnt contol their own minds..i don’t give a fuck how much 9arizona drink they drink now….. Before Cardinal quarter back was there we didnt care..

Everybody a beyonce in QC if they fine.n

Lastly i love my auntie.. She’ll always love me….

Middle fingas up to all that wish they was us.

We do it because we use to it

Uptoit down to it. Drink mfa. Drink.

Ignore the last two lines….

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