February 9, 2023

i hope bus loads of immigrants show up infront of your house… when you need to look at my license this month…

i dont wanna talk to police err’d voices after the police run my license..

i can careless, although happy for you when your life is going well..

you CANT make me feel bad for living unconventionally when you always wanna come around when we on our periods..

and yes, them housing prices too fucking high!!!

somebody wanted me to say…

Its more unjust to jus be sitting in your car.. than it is for them advertisements and exploitations to sexualize food like them kids body parts to sale food products..

I dont wanna house right now.. I got some land.. since everybody inFATuated with AREAS…

visit that area.. that love yo face on that fat ass person body..

i dont give a fuck about being a spectator to someones sports career..

can eat in your facility with them tv’s on espn without people being weird later?

that area got Always Eating Ass Care Detailing. that showing the most honest on instagram.. all the animals licking butt..

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