February 7, 2023

grateful …. imma complain on the next few lines..

can’t do nothin blue.. policy bother u

freedom and jay rds… policy cameras..

this aint no soulchile, you aint gotta call at 1:43p to other numbers..

since everybody know… thats quickly…

why is there mots apple juice in the photo at the gravesite.. of my couzin..with a blue cross?

why A azon.. always wanna change the nationalities for their love…

i done seen people not miss pedi and manicures over the last 5years… but couldnt be a good samaratian for friends in need..

dont get to zealous, them housing prices ridiculous..

u sensitive about your place of dwelling… but they dont even allow us to make enough for these prices.. they wanna charge us..

the wrong person show they face, the city act like its in crisis.

why all the women gotta have the male who wanna be his male self… conflict

everytime yo gas near E… or Near F…

not my family or friends..

Not my email… not your ezell..

Can I visit the Beach.. With out all B problem..

Can they not think L on the elevator whatever they think?

i dont come around because the city say everybody everywhere start act like the same people with the same freakin money..

then they say somebody always get laid off because of whatever..

I wanted to throw the letters of the alphabet in trash…

lets code with the last letter of everyword instead of the first…

that account dont do that.. im sorry

its bad enough… you got a wanna be outta context nicca… stuntin growth..

minding yal business go far in life..

catch us when we workin with the people that lie and be godded, that start sayin shit backwards like they possesed.

i liked his sacs career… for the stories…

everybody got an issue internal when they gopeeing

why today… they wanna shut down all the visa’s (feb 8)i didnt want to update til later..

niccas issue always gone be they aint got enough of it..

you want us to work your area.. make sure the police dont bother us negatively..

im not around because some stuff yal dont believe.. people been getting money legitimately off of stuff for the longest..

who got ya back when you aint got money… and ya friends keep dying…?


them kids on campus get all those if i speak it into existence things..

thats why they dont wanna include us inthey activities.. unless its a funeral..

Facebook… websites.. social medias..

locally.. he a caucasian girl.

leave me alone.

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