January 17, 2023


Excerpt from the script… of < a morning in my life>

((Picks up phone dials #(000)000-0000))

((liine rings 4 times before going to voicemail…..))

Answering Mahine: Hey, This is _________leave me a message after the tone (beep)

Me: Hey this is carmen, i was reaching out to tell you about this crazy dream… my friends made me have about you and i… The dream was about you and I about to be intimate. And you know how that went with us both in real life………. But I was hoping we could go and get brunch or something, cause I do value your friendship and miss you… Aight hit me back soon, cause I am about to leave town… Aight peace

Niche Topic Overload….

Find a topic you can help bring to the marketplace and make as many videos and topics about it…

whatever goal you accomplished or valuable piece of information you can assist with..

yesterday i had the mind of multiple areas, and understood multiple books without reading them… I knew where i was suppose to be, before I was there….

thanks take care…

Sea in the sky day…


do you know how many variations of that did a taper? lol… asian, hawaiian lol..


time for a nap..

i miss the faceless people who added they faces back after sunday off of facebook.

I’d like to thank you, and you if you made these past 17 plus years as facebook friends with me.. its been a long journey..

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