January 5, 2022

Seem like everytime i try to pay my bills, they start lying…

Kroger Brands… Simply Truth… Who knew they’d start jus lying random things about you..

where are the workers that look like me.. all i see them saying we consume.. and telling lies untrue… whats the point of talking to people from movie foreal…

my messages to god be like,

why do they trust in facebook…

why i gotta have that fucken headache, like bald dancer…

why i gotta wake and feel like food.

the complain to much about those clothing stores, and what clothes we wear..

they bother me about what im eating … til we wanna starve..

they bother me about her kid, and i dont even know who she are..

they bother me about poor person story…

and they all fast food workers.. everystore..

but look like heavy d when in the D…

and then say fat renner pay for all fat pale men..

why my credit cards gotta lie when we change gigs..

slave story to dont make sense when they use imagination..

i hate those cameras… posted by police.. i know they there for safety but i know visually what they show… somebody always got super lenses on, when they need some financial assistance..

years… ago.. storages sow.. elevator 1, a car… i hate dmv vehicle story.. Im riding you around town they always say… and then they act like they got another person they play..

one city… usage … license face…

pull you over license your race…

last gig .. they treated horribly, when they felt she was hill… all cauc women act like they just steal..

red cardinals, in states misplaced…

i hate brand names.. all the product the same.. they always want… he got a beard… food on food… he always get sheard…

and somedays

fuck food.. i dont even wanna feel like being hungry//


i figured… i had to get out of the air space where they told on everybody else phone that had your number in it..

rhyme everything with boy… thats todays conversation..

everybody make me angry.. when they try to control how much money i can make with they post..

i be like “fuck him and fuck her too” a delete them, and delete u…new

crabtastic, its good when we got the alignment for self.. shit they only make money , only when they being somebody’s else….

got all the fuckin scam companies getting wack telemarkter people paid… callin about hardship credit and telling you to pay for something that dont need to be paid..

he scared a nicca debt.. he say she always wanna be somebody elses pet..

google fucked up algorithm… got all the wrongs when you search for yal people.. ruined her song… I dont even need a nicca to google me baby..

I wish i coulda tour managered.. again.. i dont really dont wanna stick around anywhere long enough to be done wrong.

I hate my outlook days, when im not myself getting paid..

they be like you cute… but dont be in the midst of the story…

pardon me.

making it through LS bulls bday


new rendition.. of forever my lady …

“forever he faker” its like a dream…

oops ..sorry …i was drinking…#remember


3 Grants For Black & Minority Owned Businesses!

  1. Evolve small ($10,000)
  2. Power Forward Small Business Grant ($25,000)
  3. Neighborhood Business Grant ($10,000)

We singin jodeci songs all month long….

“he act like he fat purr”

since casting calls emails..

soon as shadon stop having football issues we done with today…

and yes them men her..


at a map… any where in the country… whenever im close to a Kings Grant, how i feel..

if i have to deactivate again… jus delete me as a facebook friend..

i woulda have to work for one of those companies… that fuck up niggas life..

good night.

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