December 30, 2022

Grand Morning, Great Day, Happy 30th…

Current.. No snow.. a little wet.. but exciting!!!


  1. ifund women grant
  2. black girl ventures
  3. hello alice and bubble buzz
  4. comcast rise
  5. halstead grant
  6. sogal foundation black founder startup
  7. cartier womens initiative
  8. the innovate her challenge..

some of the stuff yal do makes me miss ms cicely too…

hated how many chickens they used though..

yoga, walks, runs, push ups, situps..

if i only knew what a carmen journeyman was?

across the us.. coconut milk covered skies…

also, hope everyone enjoys the rosebowl…

glad december almost over with… gotta check on Daphne… AL

didnt really get to find out what happened to cuz.. all i saw was flyers for candle light gathering..

I wonder how much the land cost in Carmen, OK…


off to enjoy mattress firm houston movie

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