December 21, 2022

Good Morning…

alright.. eclipse night is almost over… lemonade detox and work out a challenge for 10 days….. starting right after 24th of this month..

singing… “the closer i get to you… the more your girlfriend becomes my girlfriend too”…

i dont know… if yal ready to get rid of all those w-2s from the previous year..

i suppose i am doing something soon, as a last attempt to knowingly put myself on the path to do something of value.. or worth to my life.. and putting a plan of action together to somewhat restore those things and relationships of value.. that seem lost. if things dont go accordingly, and if the environment seems to keep acting like i am not myself, and keeps trying to ruin my credit.. imma go west.. and live in the desert again.. flip burgers at a 24hr a day burger joint, and shack up with ya ex…

everytime… the money making get good.. somebody wanna try to alter time space contiuum, only supply mortician needs.. or become everybody else or become everybody elses family.. .

they get real sensitive about dog.. but alot of people seems to have one.. dogs.. lick each other privates all the time, and even their youngins.. to stimulate movements of bowels etc..


in other thoughts..

theres some cute country things out in the small cities i keep passing through…

tell Aina to not wear red when they is focusin on her..

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