December 18, 2022

imma jus get ready to go to “D”etroit”

ughhh.. the worst ever … when all the pale men, wear black clothes and black glasses and eat foods like chocolate… and walk around,

aint that why we got rid of Simple bank?

well at least i got to see DL, look like a daddy..


i was thinking about the suntrust bank back in the day… when i had my gold squares master card.. life has been a lot different… since gold squares and gray squares banks merge together and then changed to the totally opposite bank..

we use to act off all those secrets… acting was ok then… they dont talk about banks much where i am at right now though..

i was just in thought..


WTF is a date night??

what are those????

where can i move where we can meet people without hidden agenda to have those??

you get to have sex with everybody, and still get help from your parents.. i musta been born into the wrong family.

together we drive or fly, or revv our engines, i guess lol

jus because…

all weekend the website for the credit card payments was not taking my payments… while people said i was white male… forcing late payments for no reason while people talked…

so now when the payment processes for that credit card..

in beginning… A pale white male with locs, fucked the faces of all the women yal like… thats how i feel about all the credit ruining lies..

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