December 16, 2022

its fryday!!!!

sing along.. its like wade in the water….

“””Burrrn in the Fiyah… Burnnnn in the Fiyah Childrenn burn… in the fiyah….

Because, all that water gone fail your brakes…

and they aint gone help us, cuz all black man is jake..

and we aint jus hongry, they gone eat a steak..

need some money to bell his mate…

“””Burrrn in the Fiyah… Burnnnn in the Fiyah Childrenn burn… in the fiyah….

leave me alone.. before i tell you how much the letter A… has nothing to do with fat pale bald men…


the day of my last day working at one of those merge ya life stores, they was using devil destroy vehicles… showed me everything inside my car like people, since yal like love, apparently, someone needed fruit and nuts… inside one of my engine parts.. clearly these fruit and nuts, were exposed as if they did something special.. devil dick, always wanna manipulate the vehicles in certain part of that state.. i really dislike people who wanna manipulate things to do what they want jus because they believe gray.. is supposed to help them.. you could jus like the color.. but u believe it does a bunch of dumb shit… mean while … theres this chocalatey.. african in a red car.. that they act like is the man who makes everyone elses car stall out when ya get near to him and the damn store..

if i never drive around yal cities.. its because yal like those entities.. that like to ruin vehicles.. Lemme alone about fuckin movies… in my real life.. i aint getting paid to deal with them stories foreal.. i wanna hear shit about transformers …

the way i view headaches now after roslyn…… someone trying to take away your super powers to sort it for someone elses products.. my remedy… putting a bunch of meat or eggs… in some form of aluminum foil cointainers and sitting them on the table. … cures the headaches.. and have restful sleeps..

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