December 3, 2022

morning thought..

gratitude and an enlightment…

typing to success…

now im in thought… whats a go to event to create

everyones doing the karoake thing now..

sip and paints?

mystery dinners?

ah ha got … illumination

wanna share you gotta pay –

i need a hunnid…

i know whole lot of c letter words.. but always get the one that wanna compete control or crab..

somebody always waste time acting like they wish other people success instead of themselves..

im tired of sharing my mind all them damn gray vehicles, and gray people.

A Her, aint even wear glasses..

i’ll never need to know stuff if i am not getting money..

Im not even complaining about how much everybody love december for Norse God holiday, trying to disguise it as other things..

i dislike that you think you everything i eat.

end thought to today, buck fumblebee…

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