November 22, 2022

whats the theme of the day…happiness..

hope you have an awesome bday

uh.. helicopter incident… sounds like an opportunity to make alot of money??

lucrative.. imma go where the money is in a minute.

they given away childhood experiences to strangers…

why it gotta be catastrophic when i wanna go make and money with them about us..

they be tellin secrets bout all those loses.. somebody dont like to know.

but if you wanna act like there here right now… we being boring and falling in love drum major last name.


lil niccas bestfriends.. and backyards…


lets put together our own fashion show..

or sell trices candles lol..

if i did not desire to pay my bills.. i wouldnt pay them..

i didnot desire to see your face with glasses… i wouldnt see big booties clappin all over my ig feed..

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