November 19, 2022

steady, loving you affectionately….

weather showing 28 degrees fahrenheit

thinking about wearing one of those furry bomber hats..

i agree, dating app, godded … stressful….

theres nothing like being used for the wrong happy

ready for a few day fasting.. detox successful though..

it was as if the more they stared at me with spectacles on, the more my rear leaked… so i left for a while..

also, looking forward to an amazing 23′ business ideas put into action now, equal excellence.

planning ahead, equal excitement,

its almost like hopefully human creativity..

gratitude alot for today…

do not know if imma visit up til next month.. i found a safe haven for my mind.. no headaches..

now for my humor… somebody brand color went from red to yellow… and all i didnt see was 2 halfs on a motorcycle the same lol..

fall – into winter time.. cool.. when its imperative to keep the blood moving all around to other limbs.. massages in the morning with stretches… massages in the night with stretches…

do something daily that makes you sweat.. jogg, run, have sex, something…

such a beautiful brand, from hat to shoe… so much you can notice in a short amount of time..

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