October 26, 2022

always trying my love for you through credit report

So.. My story goes.. I needed… good credit to go in the air force as an officer.. as a last resort before age deadline i applicationed.. and they said needed no collection accounts… but they were playing email, to that one account.. that I use to actor in .. and some reason, everytime that recruiter emailed… the whole city would start telling a story on the train for bout 3 hrs… about the military recruiter..

But besting.. downy is what he need for the military out fits.. for no wrinkles..

Shakur’d momma collections.. i am in dispute…


have a M in IT, since 2009…

thinkin bout getting a CDL A… so i can drive back and forth on I-20


long ago..I sat my BMW keys down in the gold bathroom at the Omni next to epicentre and the cleaning girl took my keys… and pleaded with older gentleman that she didnt take them.. this all happened.. when cubedsmart… i would tell you he look like but yal would be mad at heyward.


Enemy of the state… when on tv playing always gives me sky copter chase…


back then i kept drinkin uptime at the wrong time… and then they kick us all out of Life..

ok.. Post location on Facebook Later…

Enjoy Wedding now.. without weather issue


Reward Points.. If only someone couldve taught us about Reward points on credit cards in college…

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