October 25, 2022

Great Morning…

Affirmation Fest..

  • I am excited for this day.
  • I am so grateful to be alive.
  • I love myself.
  • I’m going to have a great day.
  • I am open to opportunities.
  • I love being alive.
  • Today and every day I am blessed.
  • I am full of joy.
  • I feel at peace.
  • I am positive.
  • My life is abundant and fulfilling.
  • I am committed to my personal growth.
  • Every day I am better than before.
  • I am well rested.
  • My body is powerful.
  • I am energized.
  • I wake each morning with a smile.
  • I feel so alive.
  • I am focused.
  • I will accomplish all my tasks today.
  • I attract success.
  • I am on my game.
  • I will be productive today.
  • I am brimming with great ideas.
  • My mind is clear.
  • I am organized.
  • I will see today’s work through.
  • I believe in myself.
  • I am a wonderful person.
  • My confidence and self-esteem are high.
  • I know my worth.
  • I love who I am.
  • The people in my life love and support me.
  • Every day I embody the best version of myself.
  • I am happy and healthy.
  • I am deserving of what I desire, and I will achieve it.
  • I radiate confidence.
  • I make decisions that support my highest good.
  • I am courageous.

Hope cuzins enjoy’s marriage week. Do you know how much they told on that wedding all year…

Out of my thirties…There are 3 moments that I wish I could change…

Specific Moments.. Like I know… Things would be totally different and maybe somethings wouldve never happened wrong…

Even understanding… that I had that career that use to have me feeling everyones pain… thats was worth what it worth… and not a regret.. uncovering past experiences..

basketball season.. when all them men courtside.. tales from the shift…

Im just thinking literally….


Also.. Facebook.. We been on facebook since they allowed nsu to get on.. and some of us have been posting for 20 years since then.. jus a thought about information and them digital worlds that become real..

I got a bucket cap with pink flamingos on it that i got from the god store in az..

all it reminds me of is count dracula co-worker (old ass man) that use to have imans(little girl) voice..

but they operate differently there so i dont mention much..

i use to take the bus alot.. sat in the wrong places..

i use to take the train alot.. saw us look like food.. felt real pain.. when the train was paying hospital foreal…. i dont know if i could do that red stuff this year for christmas work and take the train…

I like working out at night… peaceful..

I suppose…

dont you remember when.. they use to play the account energy.. seemed like my account never like me.. so i got a different one.

i hadnt gotten the opportunity to enjoy those televised moments when all the shows on tv depict how they want the environment staffed…

AARP always want to do advertising..

gotta focus on enduring…

when we sensitive, feels like falling into a deep sleep like.. sunken zone..

…. Now in other thoughts…. on a different level…

I miss this one vibrator i use have…

so effective in what it did.. that it became a discontinued model..

If you got the time and money to show someone how you feel about them do so… i was jus thinking about how many relationships that havent mended or healed.. because material things that others didnt find value in or worth saving..

different environments and new situations ask so much for many forms of documentation..

pending… payments.. multiple platforms..

after paying bills with that one account… I feel like thunder claps… like we all in someone elses process.. (adp)

ok.. done for today of my thoughts..

simple things that I could use right now…

  • hair stylist
  • crochet needle… (for stressed moments/my other one broke)
  • sewing machine… (crotch areas all ripp)

Tune in… mentally.

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