October 6, 2022

Great Morning.. Grand Rising… Morning Loves..

I hope that you feel good inside of yourself.. I do hope you feel good everyday.

Im jus excited about not dealing with whatever that wanted to be opposition…

Sunny Sunhine.. Brightened Light… Birds is whilin out in the sky…conversations that seem to not be of any of my business. bills to pay.. decision to make, ironing out the creases in time..

never new that.fyi

5million …in the bank monthly dividends…look like..

i wanna have party… an authorized user party of high limit credit cards… the many fun things i think about… and find out which bank is fun on a credit report..

Eye god day of the week in the city… where all those things that get close to me tell on themselves in side of me.. so stressful.. i need a drink..

and to top it off.. how they look online compared to how real they are in my environment foreal.. that coupled with yal foreal talking through the products.. while we are queer fruiting … and then… all that red.. im so sensitive.. where i wanna get in a car and travel back in time to US.. where we had those its of soccer raids in the streets…

But i hope he had a good bday.. we shall drink a lot later..

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