17, September 2022

Let us begin today, with open arms and eyes, of gratitude…

when finally time… i am not going to be conventional..

if youre mature enough you can start early..

everytime i see ya face digitally… I get creole dialect…

like somebody always watching princess and the frog..

i am almost ready to hit the nothing but smoothies process soon… Cause after seeing how they want food to look like those body parts for the kids.. i jus be losing my appetite..

bread kinda sticking right now tho..

the french took over that part of benin..

somebody with all those fifty eleven credit cards..

But seriously, glad my environment wasnt god sensitive…

I was biting my tongue so hard about the real things they wanted to happen when the Kells convictions came across.. Some things we need to experience from others past…

sometimes.. i reject yal troubled eyes.. past.

we da family the victims in that trial.. so keep ya misunderstood comments to ya real self when im driving.. past your vehicle

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