Dream the Impossible

Seek the unknown

Achieve greatness

a statement or slogan repeated frequently….

August always started off that way… in which it was

fuzzy beach hair…from a chair

So many thoughts about yesterday… and if I express yal might not care why …


I think about what having a sister woulda been like, moms was supposed have twins after me, but one of the babies got stuck in her fallopian tubes… and caused a situation where had to abort to save her self.. I believe in that whole topic

Uncovering… niccas liberty roads, and the family streeted area.. so much them told daily for other areas… learning so much i dont know if i like our areas anymore.. nc is mostly family, and MLM careers as people. and when we run into slave roads.. i get frustrated.. I like when the area is your talking ground if you need to express, but thats about it..

what a strange world the world is… i think we both like the west…and that might jus be time.

while patience is in place, lets get to writing…

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