1st of 1st August

it’s only funny after…

Post Belly, Poetry Beatz…

Plant Based…. Peanut Butter… PlayBoi

Caught in between post presidency and a vending machine… Twisted with divine.. Never ever wasting your time… Focused on postivity, took a trip down my past career… Stopped round darlington, and then cried… its so sad, that you can tell a point in my life from a drive.. road a highway, someone stole a my way… many ways to hate, stagecoaches, railways fooded, ungloried, food in my belly equal another story…

Shared entrepreneur and business minds from the past, A1 on the bill since day 1. Slave stories, and dog worries, i only get gas, ….when cash, gotta give all my nc 25’s away.. so i dont learn how bad nc aint.. but is exactly what it dont wanna be..

Mean stories, about mucus field americans, coughing up flem, and caught digging in their nose while golfing during the master… *pause.. * imagine that.. its your big putt.. and youve swang… and walked away only to be caught by live television digging in your nose… and live television like to re-enact.. with general public…

then localized city re-enact and get sars while trying to play other cities…

but before we get too serious,…. all weekend.. … i couldnt tell what someone was trying to express… I think we all like outback restaurant or something about the bank.. or maybe something we all did nasty from the past..

Everywhere kept trying to tell me.. eat it out from the back… eat out from back…

but happy born day.. I hope you enjoy..

my birthday, i got in trouble with some imaginary shit and then had to relearn how to eat…but laughed at all the people who played family, talk shit about me when they text and called.

Cant add you on facebook… because you become faked or pale. lol..

ever since charlie M shaded.. its been all messed up.

that or since Dwells concert in ga..

i had an awesome time the other week tho skating..

and then there was liberty gas station..

dahomey’s teachin..

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