July…. 2 2022

i think the 7 is the worst one.. 7th month.. of lucy 2022.. secreted with glasses..

running toward what water does with skyy.. colon, i mean colin.. but running away from Sparkling horsey manipulation..

I dislike what has revealed.. it would be nice if it would jus rain..

i might have be half way nekked all the time if he tell on all the products..

it might be miserable to share thoughts with alot of others with out being able to let them know, how genuine you really wanna be with them…

really jus wanted to be good for peoples born days..

stressing me out. about writing.. telling me about where the paper come from, where the pen come from, how rare the store was..

does wearing glasses help them stop knowing what youre thinking?

i dislike how they treat people who do food things..

in acronym world.. personally u always ma lol


do you know how inadequate one feels for not remembering.

it is almost miserable walking in a building having your thoughts dispersed with all the beings inside..

and when you out side everybody knows everybody elses business.

but safe and healthy, and crash-free…

i meant to tell you, you were fine, beautiful, and all those nice things as compliments.. but i was frustrated about being able to remembering something im creating..

i spent some money the other day, and got like 3 dollars in change back.. why was it was if, my mind was the internet again.. and the dollars told me everything something somebody was doing digitally.. on the internet..

and also, i think we all feel the same way about watermelons…

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