— The Goal Year 2022–

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Cinco De Mayo…

ok im almost done with this photo..

i will never redbull a real nigga.

that will neva b my family…

but maybe an esco would b

ok almost done with photo..

so much ascapping…. …need to ascap on them taxes… because that want the D back..

and let me tell you… what he told about them taxes.. businesses can write shit off.

i done created like 20 different songs in the past 5 days to tell yal what he been doing wrong across the country

most interesting thing bout when they do “look a like”, someones company dont give a f*ck bout last names.. just look like a nigga

i got songs about routes… Grumpy Norse God Rd Exit

I “wish” somebody would stop spamming my hoodie..

He been pointing out Hustle is key… with all them bird legs.. …leg not toe

news will tell you war, when someone bought the whole social media platform

but most of the time they are so nosey…

they dont be scared of dying.. somebody just like finding out another male like to have sex with another male.

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