— The Goal Year 2022–

April 18, 2022 Monday, 2nd day of the week, Dos, Duece, numeral two

think i need a nap

placenta delivery looks like a second birth

and for them reader glasses sometimes, i get annoyed.. why… i once had a gig with those lasik companies…. and lasiks work..


caution… take off your glasses.. and watch.. jus for a moment..

I jus dont have it in me… to tolerate the lies of the disrespect…

like one day, with all them birds and animals and people who look like variations of other people try to play the internet feed … while knowing what moment in time that is repeating..

do me a favor… and email yourself your own photo… cause i dont want you to email me yours.. especially if it involves the military… How illegal it is for those many years to try to ruin my credit when i wanted to go in as an officer.. and they forced bad credit on me jus to showcase other people images.. break yo selfie image if you think i want it in my email account that i use to use for background acting..

Highlight … learning about that dude prada… watched all his videos and they told which credit cards he had and it did rain…

i ate fruit salad and sweet potato wedges and some almond head … i want some french fries with some garlic sauce.

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