— The Goal Year 2022–

Wednesday, April 13 2022

patiently waiting on the missing mail…

guess we gotta fake go back intime to the day that piece was supposed to be delivered.

the stuff is beyond my family… nigga google energy faking.. along with the ass city faking the money i spent when someone’s bad breath hit my when they wanted to stare closely at me with their glasses while trying to be slimy at the same the other week.. on someones wedding anniversary….

look…imma recommend a detox, with lemons… alot of water for a week… and then sea moss… and juicing.. followed by cycling… to get the cardio in..

but anyways..

We can continue to be grateful and manifest…

lol. i was like so… yal wanna go back to when all the youtube actors came to charlotte and work part retail jobs for the summer?

Ok… Now that thats current…

Did you know… they say the american average credit available is $20,000…. so thats average to have

available credit to spend of 20,000…

I’m still trying to acknowledge myself as myself.. so i can get credit… and actually have the credit card delivered.

to be honest…whenever publicist start telling on that man who puts his face by mens hind parts for a living..like me… i get mad, about all his stories i dont wanna live, all his stories make me mad..

huh… i cant hear ya… you said you feeding us the people that be on vacation?

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