— The Goal Year 2022–

Sunday, April 10, 2022

As I reflect upon a peaceful sunday afternoon, with much appreciation for the facets of perspectives and manifestations… let me say how grateful I am…. reminders of a crew from the west in variations appear.. before while understanding why they are here right nowis going on in my thoughts……..

Did you know, you can understand so much about a city by taking its public transportation for a while?


SO Late night thoughts before I quickly move on to the next dream… and day…

SO many products have left an impact on what I have seen in my life… that I do not consume certain things because of the situations ive experienced.

Some one was worried about “it” not to long ago… And because me any my brother was having a conversation about why we both dont eat dairy cheese… or drink orange lightning bolt.. I was reminded about why no one with a vagina looked like me in the movie IT… when it came back out with its sequels.. since someone was worried about bout period dog vagina..

So at night fall when i fall asleep.. and someone interrupts my dream sequence with talk and i say stfu in my dream before I splash urine on the faces of all the people who use (my brother) him, when they talk inside of me inside of me instead of in air…. plant based is what somebody is…

but big manifestations… 2 weeks from now on friday.. Got an experiment.. I wonder if all my friends from all over would do a big IG photo push between 2pm and 6pm.. i wanna see if the environment turn into IG again when we paid.. while he be telling on the bank.. lol.

lets get ready to move on from today.. because it was ok..and a fun day… even with the person who love F.. …

A little bit of comedy before i post my next post…((not to mention all the novelty spam porn writers that comment on my blog with the most eloquent of erotic escapades)) …

The word … LIFE.. remove the letter F.. now.. sing all your favorite songs that have the word LIFE in it with out the F… guaranteed comedy… especially if youre the one who was mad at her for looking back in a red bathing suit..

now… onto monday.

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