— The Goal Year 2022–

Monday, March 28, 2022

Great Monday Morning!

…City WM waste managements empty dumpsters earlier…

Guess that talked a whole lot…

Sooo lets focus on today…

I want to write a poem or something..

Glad the weekend is over.. so glad to not be called bitch anymore while driving pass real cartoon voice people… since… somebody still got an issue with somebody who considers somebopdy a bitch instead a real black woman.


if the bank could only.. let go of my card..

the worst part is waiting for all the other people to act like other people they are not.. in the city like they are another area.

BUt since we bitch because the bank wont let go of my card.. Im where on everything… DO yourself a favor and visit everywhere your family streeted and named.. Cause im tired of other people working on streets and avenues.. named after other people families where they think they control other people families image….

I aint seen one of my family members at Tom Johnsons.. anything..

Imma sharon on everything…

8 taps into Cant Let Go, By Earth Wind and Fire… followed by 8 taps into Portuguese Love by Tina Marie.. and throws hands up and puts thumb out throws it back to the back side.. 3 times… 16 taps percussion cadence.. into Backstabbers…by the O’jays, for all them damn cars that wanted to tail.. to show off they wack license plate..

So much someone wanna always wanna tell on someone else… like niccas is toddlers.. whispery people always acting childish at the 8-5… like he “wish”…… 8 taps into “i wish” by stevie wonder..

but sometimes, he is she and she is he.. I be wanted to say, get on gymnastics stuff, do hand stand.. bend your torso down, try putting those parts where the mouth is..

since somebody wanted to tell on Leon urination accross the country.. yal can suck his duck.

how the fuck am i suppose to prosper and create, whenever i go around other males, or in old ass building… they give them my thoughts and ideas.. to act like all the other males are me.. when im not around them.

you know what i think is funny.. when .. if tellin on everything a person buys and their mail… I think its funny when i began purchase all different types of vibrators from different novelty shops.. and they take all time to create reality around the vibrators.. and the novelty shop until someone else feels there the package of the product, the product itself or the store…… since someone always nosey…

It was a nice gesture… for everybody to couple over the weekend.. but then he became to demanding for us, that are both our partner and counter part…

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