— The Goal Year 2022–

March 25, 2022, Fridayyy~

when those superpowers kick in…

but seriously though…. when those superpowers kick in.. if you are in a 5-10 foot radius of me… “i can read your mind”

nnahhh.. aint out with nobody i love tonight.. Im waiting on somebody else… to get in a relationship so i can get another master card credit card…

this has been the only time… THat a fat pussy, from cwa union, didnt get me fired from sending an email to that sworn lie account. Im so glad, that whatever I got isnt on that account.. it is around march31… random shots fired. … thats the same account that i used 2wice long time for some acting gig, and a company ripped my photos in half and designed the damn shoe, that I help promote… bringing self back to calm.. if you only knew… how much be happen.. but thats that.

copy a nicca masked the voices everybody angry.

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