— The Goal Year 2022–

Monday, March 14, 2022

So my understanding is suppression of expression…

Money make the world go round… Alphabet nicca, live in alphabet & numbers town, that tell the past and future emails, based on credit scores, check deposits, and phone calls, people show like bills, debit and credits cards.. Animal airplane people be living like real animal.. Real birds crashing into windows like air planes… Blue jays friendly, Hawks be soaring… Owls, come down low to show appreciation… Dogs recommunicative with urinated feelings, vocaled barks expressions… while kitty crossings show they know who ill, Squirrels climb, 3 foot building just to say, what up, and climb further away… Sensual feelings, of somebodies hinds revealing… always makes me feel like evolving… Since (insert name) loves somebody elses air, random entity, always make me feel like somebody elses pair.. The Vagueness of poetry, unexplained, dissecting the intentions of the vain..

Eating the fun vegan food this past weekend, Was good, learned what mullein does … look it up..

Getting ready, detox, but enjoying food for the moment … got a whole lotta chondrus crispus.. CU’d

I’m not gonna complain about somebody else relationships…I still got engine problem… my retail relationships, they on something different its all imaginary until my personal time u show up.. Topics only we know About It.. being Ike… booty rumps with not enough muscle.. the ideal environment for not staring at mans rears..

I guess sometimes my image, can assist those who was like me in past past with 5 gigs that paid to slow..

TV and them cable shows… when the money align with the tv, i can tell you how many times quarantine comes on, by the talk about sickness…. lol.. when old shows come on tv and are syndication from long time ago.. i do laugh… But i dont watch tv much.. i think thats why …I expect good dreams.

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