— The Goal Year 2022–

Speaking positivity into the air, success, happiness, health, generational wealth, longevity, prosperous experience and more.

Welll.. I never knew why smiling, made others so uncomfortable.

Personal Family talker round strangers.. oh hey yal.. 🙂

Honestly, I appreciate myself foreal.. because sometimes, so many other….

“its” like.. the closer you get to others the more is negativity of things about you to other like they was you… but lets not talk about that… because thats the environment tries to create, and you would know if you got that bullseye on you from a certain place…… but… lets not about talk about that,… because chicken noodle soup for the soul… submissions..

Look look.. i was vibin watching my detroit skate videos… all the while someone wanted universal a emails.. with wanna be power tag movie scene.. … And then everybody, failed an appointment.. but its ok.. Monetary alignments… I never knew, lady getting attention would make others some in opposition..

i dont know what entity be hating on my instagram feed.. but we having fun, without hating.. verbal expression, happiness and helping.. each other succeed..

he dont finish green.. only yellow.

but all,

enjoy this weekend…

well. now that the weekends over – do you know one of the funniest moments.. her brothers birthday is a day after my uncles,… lol and they look alike.. and seeing all the brothers.. in colors..

but ok, condolences, that was interesting situation…

through a um in..

i appreciate all the rain, and then it feels like freezer foreal,

do you agree that the situation is not the same transformers situation?

So many animals foreal, was making there way by me to relieve them self of their personal waste…

lol did you see, so much basketball madness, and continuing ,,,, i never really paid attention to how the announcers sat at the games, with them tight pants on… until… this weekend.

this month in itself is why he was funny to me foreal..

when i relax a little bit, while thinking the air… ANd I start remember how the band peoples financial aid award letters looked compared my basket ball friends financial aid award letters…. They so spoiled.. lol and this conversation in air over annouceer air. lol. on many levels.

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