— The Goal Year 2022–

Friday, February 18, 2022

i dont know about today… or this past week, or


insta alignments.. or the money the they all wanna watch move from store bought

i dont like who aligned with who to pay inside of who bodies..

cellular level, cell level.. cellphone level…

im tired…

im tired of license plate play…

…. i didnt realize they was still paying my uncles obit… in my car, in the stuff for that company..

i didnt realize so much stuff tell on… stuff.. stupid ass.. stuff.

SHe was a stupid ass cord for the longest… ALll the stupid ass cars wanna have the license plate. Stupid ass every area focus on this one area…

this is why we was a cloud…

im so tired of people with iphones.. talk to me through them.

imma go home, and someone gone say my clothes somebodies dog..

have you paid an image diamond with time..

this shit new..

worst about part being a where… is also being the wear..

I appreciate ya life force.. ya heart beat alive.. time warp… LN’s situation ..

im feeling sleepy, and imma go somewhere where they gone force somebodies photo to be aligning to others life situation.

Remember.. remember.. wallgreens lol in arizona…… look like the same pale auntie… once i remove that auntie as facebook friend… they laid all off.. remember prego freezer monster

this shit

… and somebody new sofuckin worried about a previous employer work laptop..

SOmebody who Love Look A Likes wanted to remember.. so i wrote about it.. please dont make it a god situation… im tired.. im grateful…

u wanna recap?

tell them all them stories of how hott its gone be…

… remember..

look to the right.

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