—The Ubiquitous Goal Year 2022—

Tuesday, January 4 2022

Let’s Get to these goals…

So, long time ago A year in a half ago i was curious about what this one credit union bank had in it when i was walking in a location not close to my home… i stumbled across the nl money… the money was in there when someones netflix show was doing well.. I need the same people the money is alie when it comes someone elses bank.. yal gotta know yal using people like that…(( but thats that… and not focus on that…))

Do you understand how much brain power it takes to focus when your whole team is in your head!

If we never had superpowers foreal I would never have to talk about it.

So realize what happens when we all align…

Now.. back to these goals!

*Stop telling and showing me how much you dont like african american / indian faces in pink clothes…*

them chunky african american women gone come wearing all pink clothing… and they all gone come walk in and leave

Stop sharing me with the bank and wondering whats wrong.. Dont play movies at the stores in the city.. we dont wanna play matrix.. we wanna make money

Inhale… Exhale..

Just adjusting to some stories around the mecklenburg area…
#blogquestion Why do they have to close the lobby for some of those dunkin donut shops?

#blogquestion How many people have been aligned with the dumpster company RJ?

#MoreTruth Stop telling on my interviewers with the money i get out of the atm

#whoops cant stare at those people who sell life insurance to long… I was just looking for a donor ..smh

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