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Inhale, Exhale… Opens eyes, Close eyes pause… Meditate… Affirmations, Visualizations….Tap into that spiritual intuitive place. Fix day on goals.

Good Morning, Perspectives… East Coast/West Coast Experiences.. Gym Emails, Shared minds, Commentator Voice, God Food, Sharing of the Exes, M Cycles with man/woman voices… Personal thoughts shared with alot, Personal Visual experiences Recapped.. Show up and buy U’d. Super GU stretch pants I never wanted to take off, bought in paradise… Moments of passing by of real people at 19th and Northern… The Marvelous Meticulous examing you on down to your imperfections. Squinting of eyes, afraid of season twos E Euph… DOs the Dollar not 99 not enough trees. Old story of Mes… Spending, Congratulations to my man Pays, New day Centering Self… Full Moons, Sensual sunrises… Alignments, unpaused

Not too bad for a monday…

I do a good job of not telling exactly what happened the entire time i was over there..

but over here.. they perfume.. lol. all the ones ive acted with.. smh.. each one with their own story … I hope your day went well, with all of its stories and experiences…

I cleaned out my deleted and recycle bin..

i was done when someone else faced showed under my name. lol.

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