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As my favorite part of the night leaves (clouds)…. #4:00am-5:00am and old coworkers start getting ready to leave work. Direct Deposits Hit. When the dream isnt too crazy.. When someones favorite female man, stops experessing his thoughts in my dream







Structured thoughts and mature actions. I was thinking of a way to convey the idea of being able to develop mentally at an early age. As where you learn the things you should learn, along with the opportunity to experience more than the normal/regular experiences such as standardize structure of repetition. Childhood, sometimes people say its a time where they get to be a little reckless, and learn. Child hood to me, is a period and time where you can absorb as much adult content and not be held liable for all the consequences. The ideal childhood, filled with action and experiences so you can mess up early in life, and learn everything before being of age where experiences becomes, monotonous, boring and methodical.

Do you remember the many days of using your imagination to have fun? Nothing but an empty back yard with a bar-b-que pit and some child hood friends…. But with imagination.. became this alternate universe the world of Og, where we’d go on adventures day to day, rescuing and exploring. With all the grandma tales, of late those moments where at auntie and grandmas I could watch all the scary movies and enjoy. lol Those small moments little but also appreciated. Life is short so i was appreciating those vicarious experiences shared between little me’s across the country.

Now, onto adult content…lol. Sometimes when you get a lot of attention at once, the focus is on continuing what you are doing so that you can get the desired result for the task at hand. Also, a survival skill is to be safe when the levels are aligned… So to say different frequencies of energy are powerful when they are in sync.

So much stuff be happening in the small moments of time when everything is aligned.

But anyways .. Dream big, think big, live present, And maximize time with actions that lead to results…

Enjoy today.

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