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Ok all good now.

Felt the need to put a positive image of myself in my phone.

yeah, imma get on those gym goals soon ..but for now, this whole plantbased eater journey is enough info itself… til its detox time….

Positive info 101…
Make Your Attitudes Your Allies
Attitudes are mirrors of the mind, they reflect thinking. When our attitude is right, our abilities reach a maximum of effectiveness and good results inevitably follow.

two of three attitudes… i m not writing the 3rd one til i can consistently do it myself

  1. The attitude of “I’m activated”
    Results come in proportion to enthusiasm invested. Dig in deeper when you find yourself disinterested in something, learn more about it. This sets off enthusiasm.

Always try to have energy; your smile, your handshake, talk and walk. Act alive. Always broadcast good news. No one will ever accomplish anything positive telling bad news.

  1. The attitude of “You are important”
    People do more for you when you make them feel important. When you help others feel important, you help yourself feel important too.

Practice appreciation.
Practice calling people by their names.
Don’t hog the glory, invest it instead.

Set your goals high, exceed them…

-Think and dream creatively
-You are what you think you are
-Make your attitudes your allies

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