< < November 24 2021 > >

The beginning of the holiday season, where sales, cells, sells, and everyone buys, bys, byes and bi’s… Festive time of the year.

I look forward to finding out who enjoys my person and qualities… Why does spending to pay bills and other issues in life cause for people to show how much they dont like you?

restinpeace to my N5000 tire. traveling on the road with me across the country til the bubble in its side spread to a leak.. while i watch my environment change because i paid my car insurance thats on different email account than my bank account. Wasted day. Grateful for life.

imma start to cry in a minute..

do you remember … how it all began…

tis the season i remember what the streets were like.

but since when i went to atm i was greeted by a man who laughed at me as i deposited money .. comedy… i think its funny how a bunch of my friends are all married to bald men.. its as if they went to the heart store and went into clean it aisle saw the mister clean product, and put cocoa in it. and all them have their wedding photo up there lol.

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