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Love’s Retreat,
Remembrance of mingling
Fond of your being,
positions expressed, competitions, no contest,
Noted, you shared your story with out a worry
Time paused moving forward in speed a loud peace, hurried
When you was in, appreciation,
vocally paired, influencing liberations, minimal limitation
Rain drip, Drops from above cool beings

i guess thats my poetic way of expressing what thoughts come to my mind, from an experience of me walking to the bank at night about a year and some months ago..

Grateful that its rain falling and not everclear…

that could be wet wet inside or wet wet outside..

and after everyone stopped going off on me in rain…

rain bounced of the car in the pitch of E.. chords.. lol. color of blue frequency with eyes closed.. open eye real color purple.

I think im inspired. So, lets say come new year, I will write new content daily, focused on complete sentences, like content creator of old. I was just thinking of how to have horn choir rehearsal via microsoft meeting, with a metronome, but was concerned about latency.

… guess those wounds of lost content/merchandise/emails, i must mend.

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